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WWHB supports Insurers in achieving new, profitable revenue, expanding the product portfolio for existing distribution channels, creating new distribution channels, enhancing brand and diversifying products.

These goals can be achieved with minimum capital and risk exposure while generating significant potential return on investment.

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WWHB offers a competitive advantage by providing access to the most competitively priced and compensated large face amount Critical Illness product. WWHB supports the product offering with proprietary educational services and new business support, as well as sources of referrals for distributors.



WWHB creates turnkey operations that offer financial institutions a Critical Illness Product that strengthens client relationships, reduces credit risk, and enhances the ability of clients to payoff mortgage and credit debt. With little capital expenditure and minimal operating expenses, the financial institution creates an additional revenue stream that is extremely profitable and separates the institution from the competition.



WWHB specifically customizes personalized programs that enable employers to enhance their employee benefit package while reducing the ultimate liability of medical costs and retirement income. In addition, the Critical Illness program could be structured to allow the employer full cost recovery.



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